Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thu, Jan 24th - Journal Post #2 (Chapter 2)

Focus question #1: What are the implications of the research in science of learning for teachers?
·         The latest research of science of learning emphasizes active engagement and a focus on meta-cognitive thinking to build what has been called student centered or knowledge production approach to teaching.
·         Such research finding represent a challenge to instructional methods that feature mainly lectures and presentations y teachers to students- what can be called teacher-centered or knowledge reproduction approach to teaching.
Source: Transforming Learning with New Technologies pg.55
                The chapter focused on how technology can change teaching and learning in schools. It should inspired students to learn and use their creativity. Actively engage student with a lot of visual learning. It talked about different things to be visual components in teaching; example, video, internet sites, graphing calculators. And how we can engage student with things like online surveys, and discussion boards.

Tech Tool:
                Poetry 180: A Poem A Day for American High Schools ( Poems for everyday of the school year (from the library of congress).

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  1. Still looking for more of a reflective post - not just a repetition of what is in the chapter. You need to develop your thinking and then translate that into your writing. For example, what would you do with Poetry 180? Why did you chose to highlight that in your blog post?